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sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2018

The Hurtgen Forest Battle

I have been and done research and photographic records on many World War Battlefields but never been on Hurtgen Forest before.

Now considered a forgotten battlefield, it was once called "THE WORST PLACE OF ANY". 

The woods are still littered with destroyed bunkers, war remnants and explosives are hidden beneath the dirt.

The talks for a cleanup plan have began, no dates have been set but we believe some of the bunkers will be demolished. If this happens, we will lose history.....

Our objective is to document and  map the site, recording foxholes, bunker locations and condition.

Help us research and record the site!!!
Funds are for travel costs, fuel, road tolls, accomodation and food.

We will be sleeping on camp sites and lowcost inns.

To our greatest benefectors we offer relics recovered in the battle grounds.

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